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Toba Tek Singh is a city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated in the district of Toba Tek Singh, which is named after the city. Toba Tek Singh is located near the border of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces and is approximately 235 kilometers (146 miles) from Lahore, the provincial capital.

The city was established in the early 20th century during British rule in India. It was named after a Sikh landlord, Sardar Toba Tek Singh, who owned the land where the city was built. The City Toba is primarily an agricultural city and is known for its production of cotton, wheat, and sugarcane.

Toba Tek Singh District

Toba Tek Singh is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The district was created in 1982 and is named after the town of Toba Tek Singh, which is the district headquarters. This district is located in the central part of Punjab and is bounded by the Faisalabad district to the east, the Jhang district to the south, and the Chenab River to the west. It covers an area of 3,720 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 2.5 million people according to the 2017 Census of Pakistan. The main languages spoken in the district are Punjabi and Urdu. The economy of the district is largely based on agriculture, with cotton being the main crop.

Toba Tek Singh is also famous for being the setting of a short story by acclaimed Pakistani writer Saadat Hasan Manto. The story also called “Toba Tek Singh,” is a satirical commentary on the partition of India in 1947 and the subsequent exchange of prisoners between India and Pakistan. The story has since become a classic of Pakistani literature and is widely studied in schools and universities across the country.

History of Toba Tek Singh Urdu

Urdu History of Toba Tek Singh contains information about the city’s Location, population, size, geography, significant historical events, and cultural significance.

Events that over time have shaped the city are also covered in Urdu history. This includes the influx of settlers, significant conflicts, catastrophic events, and other occurrences that have left a lasting impression.

We have created a History of Toba Tek Singh Urdu for you using research and notes. Make sure to provide contexts and relevant information, such as names, dates, and locations.

Toba Tek Singh has a relatively short history compared to many other cities in the region. The city was established in the early 20th century, during British rule in India. During the partition of India in 1947, Toba Tek Singh became a part of Pakistan.

نام کی وجہ

شہر اور ضلع کا نام سکھ مذہبی شخصیت ٹیک سنگھ کے نام پر رکھا گیا ہے۔ روایت ہے کہ مسٹر سنگھ، ایک مہربان انسان، پانی پلانے  کی خدمت کرتے تھے اور تھکے ہوئے اور پیاسے مسافروں کو ایک چھوٹے سے تالاب (پنجابی میں “ٹوبہ”) کے پاس سے گزرنے پر انکو پانی اور رہنے اور روکنے کے لئے  پناہ دیتے تھے جسے آخر کار ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ کہا جانے لگا –

برطانوی راج

ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ کو انگریزوں نے 19ویں صدی کے آخر میں اس وقت تیار کیا تھا جب نہری نظام بنایا گیا تھا۔ پورے پنجاب (موجودہ ہندوستانی اور پاکستانی پنجاب) سے لوگ وہاں منتقل ہو گئے کیونکہ انہیں کھیتی باڑی میں پانی کی آسان فراہمی  ممکن ہونے لگی ۔ وہاں سے ہجرت کرنے والے زیادہ تر لوگوں کا تعلق لاہور، جالندھر، ہوشیار پور ضلع سے تھا۔

سنه ١٩٧٠ میں

1970 کی دہائی کے دوران، جب بہت سے پاکستانی شہروں کا نام تبدیل کر کے برطانوی حکمرانوں کے ناموں کو ان کے اصلی یا مقامی ناموں یا مقامی آبادی کے لیے زیادہ قابل قبول ناموں میں تبدیل کر دیا گیا – مثال کے طور پر منٹگمری اپنے اصل نام ساہیوال میں واپس آ گیا – ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ ان میں سے ایک رہا۔ ٹیک سنگھ کی ساکھ کی وجہ سے چند شہرنے  اپنا اصل نام برقرار رکھتا –

سنه ١٩٨٢

 1982 میں ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ، جو پہلے سب ڈویژن تھا، ضلع فیصل آباد سے الگ ہو کر الگ ضلع بن گیا۔

ضلع کا درجہ

فیصل آباد کے ضلع سے الگ ہونے کے بعد، ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ جولائی 1982 میں ایک الگ ضلع بن گیا۔ پنجاب کے وسط میں واقع جھنگ، اور فیصل آباد ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ کو اس کی شمالی، مغربی اور مشرقی سرحدوں پر گھیرے ہوئے ہیں۔ دریائے راوی اسے ساہیوال سے تقسیم کرتے ہوئے جنوب کی طرف قدرتی سرحد بناتا ہے۔ اس کے علاوہ، ضلع میں 539 گاؤں اور ایک ٹاؤن کمیٹی ہے جسے پیر میہل کہتے ہیں۔


ضلع ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ کی آبادی مردم شماری کے مطابق 23 لاکھ سے زائد ہے۔ اس میں چار تحصیلیں ٹی ٹی ایس، گوجرہ، کمالیہ اور پیر محل ہیں۔ ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ خوبصورت مساجد، پارکوں اور قدیم قصبہ جیسے رجانہ، اروتی، کمالیہ وغیرہ کا شہر ہے، یہ اچھی اخلاقی اقدار سے مالا مال ہونے کے ساتھ ساتھ اعلیٰ تعلیم یافتہ لوگوں کا شہر بھی ہے۔ اس کی تحصیل گوجرہ نے بین الاقوامی سطح کے لیے ملک کے لیے ہاکی کے کئی لیجنڈز پیدا کیے ہیں۔

ایک نظر

ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ وسطی پنجاب میں واقع ہے اور 3,252 مربع کلومیٹر پر محیط ہے اور نشیبی علاقوں کے بڑے علاقوں پر مشتمل ہے جہاں بارش کے موسم میں اکثر سیلاب آتا ہے۔ سیلاب دریائے راوی سے نکلتا ہے جو جنوبی اور جنوب مشرقی سرحدوں کے ساتھ گزرتا ہے۔ تقسیم سے پہلے ٹی ٹی سنگھ میں سکھوں کی ایک بڑی آبادی تھی، جن میں سے زیادہ تر 1947 میں جدید ہندوستان میں پنجاب منتقل ہو گئے۔

Tek Singh

The district and city bear Tek Singh’s name, a revered Sikh leader. According to legend, Mr. Singh, a kind-hearted man, gave water and shelter to thirsty and weary travelers passing by a tiny pond (referred to as a “toba” in Punjabi), which became known as Toba Tek Singh and gave the same name to the nearby hamlet.

In 1970

Toba Tek Singh was one of the very few cities to retain its original name during the 1970s, largely due to the reputation of Tek Singh. Names of many Pakistani cities, which were given after British rulers, have been changed to their original or native names or to names more acceptable to the local population. For instance, Montgomery was renamed Sahiwal. The Faisalabad District was where Toba Tek Singh was formerly a subdivision until it was separated in 1982 to become its own district.

Name History of Toba Tek Singh

In honor of the Sikh holy leader Tek Singh, the town and district bear his name. Toba Tek Singh, which is Punjabi for “little pond,” was named after the kind-hearted man Tek Singh who used to serve water and offer refuge to thirsty and weary visitors passing by. The nearby hamlet also took on his name.

British Contribution

As a result of the construction of a canal system, the British developed Toba Tek Singh near the end of the 18th century. Once farmlands were allocated to them, people flocked there from all across Punjab (now divided between India and Pakistan). The majority of the migrants came from Lahore, Jalandhar, Sadiq Abad, and other regions.

When became Toba Tek Singh District

After being separated from the district of Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh became a distinct district in July 1982. Located in the middle of Punjab, Jhang, and Faisalabad surround Toba Tek Singh on its northern, western, and eastern borders. The Ravi River forms a natural border on the south, dividing it from Sahiwal. In addition, there are 539 villages and a town committee called Pir Meehal in the district.

The district has 3,259 square kilometers of land. It has separation of three sub-divisions, and each one’s area is as follows:

Total Area Total Area ( in Sq. Km)
Toba Tek Singh1,293


The district’s headquarters are at TobaTek Singh. It is located 29 kilometers to the north of Jhang, 30 kilometers to the south of Kamalia, 29 kilometers to the east of Gojra, and 29 kilometers to the west of Shorkot. A road and a railroad connect Toba Tek Singh to the city of Faisalabad, located to its east. The distance from Faisalabad is 79 kilometers via train. There are two options for getting there by car: Faisalabad-Samundari Road and Faisalabad-Jhang Road. The mileage is about the same for both ways (112 km).

Famous Places To Visit in Toba Take Singh

Teko Park

The former Tehsil Municipal Administration Toba Tek Singh created Teko Park on an area of 5.57 acres to give a recreational amenity and a clean, green environment (42.96 Kanal). Teko Park has now undergone renovations thanks to the generosity of benefactors for the sake of the common people.

District Sports Complex

TA few years ago, the T T Singh District Government constructed the District Sports Complex under its direction, and it perfectly meets the community’s health needs.

Forest Park

The Govt of Punjab constructed Forest Park, presently that is Manzoor Elahi Forest Park, which has a location on Jhang Road, about 1 km away from Old Chungi. The park has a plantation, kid-friendly playgrounds, leisure areas, and tiled walkways. This park is a favorite among Toba Tek Singh locals, who frequent it in great numbers.

Bhagat Wildlife Park

The “Development of Wildlife Park at Toba Tek Singh” development program led to the establishment of this wildlife park/breeding facility in 1987–1989. It has 15 acres primarily of grassy lawns, children’s play equipment (swings), and shelters.

Toba Tek Singh is Famous for 

Toba Tek Singh is also famous for being the setting of a short story by Saadat Hasan Manto, also called “Toba Tek Singh.” The story is a satirical commentary on the partition of India in 1947 and the subsequent exchange of prisoners between India and Pakistan. It has since become a classic of Pakistani literature and is widely studied in schools and universities across the country.

Famous Personalities of Toba Tek Singh

Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar

A politician from Pakistan named Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar held the position of governor of Punjab twice. He is a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and served from March 2018 to September 2018. Ande he served in the Pakistani Senate.

Waheed Akbar Chaudhry

Waheed Akbar Chaudhry is a Pakistani politician who is a Member of the National Council of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Muhammad Ijaz-ul-Haq

Pakistani politician Muhammad Ijaz-ul-Haq is the head of the Pakistan Muslim League (Z). After serving as Minister for Labour, Manpower, and Overseas Pakistanis in the administration of Nawaz Sharif from 1990 to 1993, he served as Minister for Religious Affairs and Minorities in the government of General Pervez Musharraf from 2004 to 2007.

Chaudhry Asad-ur-Rehman Ramday

A politician from Pakistan named Chaudhry Asad-ur-Rehman Ramday. He served in the National Assembly from 1988 to 1993, and again from 1997 to 1999. He also served once more from June 2013 to May 2018. His brother Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday served as a Judge of the Supreme Court. His other brother Chaudhary Muhammad Farooq served as Pakistan’s Attorney General. And his father was Justice Muhammad Saddique, a High Court judge. Shaheed Brigadier Anwar ul Haq Ramday was their nephew.

After partition, Toba Tek Singh became a part of the newly created Punjab province of Pakistan. The city continued to grow and develop, with a focus on agriculture.

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