it has an amenities superior to existence old societies. It has been designed as per modern need of living standard. Health and educational just near located to Regal City Sheikhupura.

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Regal City Sheikhupura

Well known and trusted developer Saad Akbar Developers and Builders has initiated an excellent society Regal City in Sheikhupura and it’s not less than a blessing for resident on this city. 1st LDA approved society of the Sheikhpura.

This city is considered most important due to nearby of Lahore and has business hub for traders along with Lahore Gujranwala, Faisalabad road is also passed from this district .literacy rate of this city is considered high and good, that shows the living style of people of this city. Regal city Sheikhupura has considered a marble flower step in this area.

Sheikhupura have an historical background since Mughal empires like the toms of Mughal like Hiran Minar is also reflects the memories of Jahangir Empire. Growth rate of this city is increasing and demand of land is increasing. Regal City Sheikhupura is a luxurious society with affordable prices.

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Are you looking for details about Regal City Sheikhupura ? You are at right place now. We will discuss all about location and pros and cons. Just get touch with us from now to till end the page you know World is changing and environment is developing and needs are being exaggerated but true , to meet such climax modern living style is need.

Developers of this society is an excellent in state of the art building and architectural designs.

Regal City Sheikhupura LDA Approval

Society is LDA approved. And it’s a first society in Shiekhpura which is approved by Lahore Development Authority. Its shows that Regal City have approval that make it most reliable among the three societies. Its amenities and facilities can compromise because on NOC from LDA.

Lahore Development Approval has made clear from all obligation and conditions. If there is no approval society cannot be launched legally. But that is really fair deal that Regal City Sheikhupura is LDA Approved.

so Yes it’s time to leave Narrow Street and make you home in modern living society that is Regal City Sheikhupura.


Location Map

Regal City Sheikhupura is located on Sheikhupura Bypass that is an easiest and wide approached all over the sides of the city even from Lahore, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala it’s outside the rushing traffic and population enriched areas.

Sheikhupura Kachehri

Govt Hospital DHQ

Govt and Private Colleagues

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Included of all these Hajveri University, Punjab College is also working and providing quality education for Sheikhupura. All these facility are close to Regal City Sheikhupura to easy access.

No doubt location is highly suitable from all area of shiekhupura and subordinate cities, you no need to worry from to go anywhere from society. Sargodha GT Road also known as Shiekhupura and Lahore road is just a mile away from this society.

 Are you coming from Lahore FSd or Gujranwala you have open free road to access location of Regal City Sheikhupura without any disturbance. People who want make family live like heaven it’s the same which you are looking for.

It’s the environment which people are seeking in big cities. I suggest you to visit Regal City Sheikhupura location at least once to buy anywhere else you want.

Due to location on Faisalabad – Lahore bypass of Regal City Lahore its demand is increasing with very day. According to general survey people are bound to live in congested full of population area. But after this society launching residents of Sheikhupura is happy and showed interest to buy plot in Regal City Sheikhupura.

Payment Plan

Regal City Sheikhupura has an easy installment plan/price of 3 years. It include plot and villas to sell. Commercial and residential category is also being offered in Payment and price Plan of the Regal City Sheikhupura with ease of small about of segments. Plots sizes vary from 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal , 2 kanal .

This society is going to become modern Sheikhupura due to its latest facilities. Residential and commercial category has been separately assigned. Commercial plot sizes are vary from 4 M, 2 Marla, and 8 Marla.

Society is at its start now and 2 different rate is being prevailed in society. Pre-launch rate and launched Rate both payment plan has same duration but have discount on total amount. Time and tide wait for none. I wish you have best offer through us. In this month Regal City Payment Plan although containing 3 years but If you booked your plot you can avail good offer by this.

Regal City Sheikhupura Price

Regal City Sheikhupura Price is can me categorized into 3 different types including on ground plot, installment plots and commercial plot price. Price has been revised on pre launched and launched stage as well. Now a day’s heavy rebate is also prevailing in price of Regal City Sheikhupura that you can avail, but it depends on availability of location and price.

Pre-launch Total Price

It is a price and payment plan that has been offered on Pre-launch Phase, prior to official launching of society. In this option heavy discount and concession has been offered by society, but it was just in limited time, like if you buy 5 M in pre launched phase at price on Regal City Sheikhupura you will get 300,000 lower discount price from current.

Same like the others sizes if you move to 7 Marla then in rate you will discount of 400,000. It’s all about the time offer and total depends upon you how much you get it.

This price of Regal City Sheikhupura is only applicable for Developed plots only. These plots are ready to possession, get plot ready but pay in 1 year’s installment plan. Such price is paid in quarterly time in a year. You can pay price after every 3 month. I hope you can get this in easiest way to pay your installment.

1 Year Plan

Entire payment schedule is described below

  • At Full Cash Payment Get 5 % Discount.
  • Park Facing  – Corner Will Charge !0% Extra

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3 Years Plan

Now the books has been done by people for near to developed plot, means it’s not ready to build now. But work of development has started and booking is open now. Sizes of 5 M, 7M, 10 M and 1 kanal is ready now. Get hurry and book your plot now in Regal City Sheikhupura and be the owner of your own plot.

  • . At Full Cash Payment Get 5 % Discount.
  • Park Facing  – Corner Will Charge !0% Extra
5 Marla
30,000 / month
Total = 3300,000
Advance in 3 months =900000
Monthly Installment = 30,000
6 Half Yearly = 180000
7 Marla
40,000 / month
Total = 4600,000
Advance in 3 months =12, 60,000
Monthly Installment = 40,000
6 Half Yearly = 260,000
10 Marla
60,000 / month
Total = 60, 00,000
Advance in 3 months =18, 00,000
Monthly Installment = 60,000
6 Half Yearly = 700,000
1 Kanal
120,000 / month
Total = 1, 32, 00,000
Advance in 3 months =36, 00,000
Monthly Installment = 120,000
6 Half Yearly = 350,000

5 Marla

You have to pay your amount in 3 years easy installment plan. If you book 5 Marla its total cost is 33,00000and its first amount you need to pay is 900,000 either in one month or in 3 months. Rest amount you will pay in upcoming 36 months having each instalment Rs 30000. After every 6 month you have to pay a big amount of 180000.

7 Marla

You have to pay your amount in 3 years easy installment plan. If you book 7 Marla its total cost is 4600,000 and its first amount you need to pay is 1260,000 either in one month or in 3 months. Rest amount you will pay in upcoming 36 months having each instalment Rs 40000. After every 6 month you have to pay a big amount of 260,000.

10 Marla

You have to pay your amount in 3 years easy installment plan. If you book 10 Marla its total cost is 6600,000 and its first amount you need to pay is 1,800,000 either in one month or in 3 months. Rest amount you will pay in upcoming 36 months having each instalment Rs 60000. After every 6 month you have to pay a big amount of 350,000.

Regal City Sheikhupura Owner

Saad Akbar Developers and Builder Pvt Ltd is the owner of Regal City Sheikhupura. The company is well-known for its world-class, modern construction projects in Pakistan. It is owned by Master Sanitary Fittings, Pakistan’s top Sanitary Fittings brand. The owners are very well-known in the Pakistani business community and are successfully running several other top brands including Master Poly Plastic Industries Limited.

Owners have planned to build Regal City as a state of the art infrastructure with luxurious, comfortable, and well-developed infrastructure including Hospitals, Universities, Play lands, Nine Hole Golf Course, Restaurants, Commercial Area, and a 3 Layer Security System, making Regal City an ideal place to live in. The promise is to deliver the Regal City project on time and keeping their background in mind we can fully trust their words.

Commercial Plots

Commercial plot is available on installment for in Regal City Sheikhupura for best rental income and business hub. Roads are wide and carpeted in front of commercial shops and its sizes vary from 2 M, 4M and 8 M at the payment plan for 2 years.

  • At Full Cash Payment Get 5 % Discount.
  • Park Facing  – Corner Will Charge !0% Extra

Regal City Sheikhupura Plot for Sale

As we have discussed all above about society lets now have a look on Regal City Sheikhupura plot for sale and purchase. If you want to invest in this society its good news for your here is a heaven for investor to get high return on sale purchase in regal city. People is considering this society a unique one as compared to others society. In buying or selling new plot is being considered is good game for upcoming days to get profit.

If you looking for buy old one plot in Regal City Sheikhupura plot for sale so you are at good place, let us know your requirement we will find a best offer to sell your plot or buy plot in here. Payment is secure because most of transaction is done through bank for safety and fair transaction. But cash is also accepted on old plot sales and purchase in Regal City Sheikhupura.

In this society you can get the ready to possession plot. There is no wait for star construction of your home. Get ready to build and pay in one years. Yes that’s amazing offer given by Regal City Sheikhupura but limited. Never wait to buy plot just book now and plan to build it in upcoming days.

0321 14 583 14
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