Omega Residencia Lahore is a project of Omega Villas Pvt Ltd. that start functioning in 2017, in the field of construction and building. It has started work based on professional experience in house building and as a mega contractor. Omega Villas been offered constructed and furnished and unfurnished houses on essay installment and cash even though high material casting are involved but Omega is providing houses and plots on installment.

Omega Villas Pvt Ltd is currently offering 2 projects in the Punjab region namely Omega Residencia Lahore and Omega Residencia Faisalabad and homes are also offered by this builder. If we talk about the house only then this project’s cost is worth PKR 200 million mega homes project. Omega Residencia Lahore is the first project of Omega Villas that is most famous due to homes and plots with low monthly premiums.

اومیگا ریزیڈنشیا لاہور جو کہ اومیگا ولاز پرائیویٹ لمیٹڈ کا ایک پروجیکٹ ہے جس نے 2017 میں تعمیرات اور عمارا ت کے شعبے میں کام کرنا شروع کر دیا تھا ۔ اس نے گھروں کی تعمیر کرنے اور ایک میگا کنٹریکٹر کے طور پر پیشہ ورانہ تجربے کی بنیاد پر کام شروع کیا ۔ اومیگا ولاز نے گھروں کو قسط اور نقد رقم پر تعمیر شدہ اور فرنشڈ اور غیر فرنشڈ مکانات مارکیٹ میں متعارف کیے اگرچہ اعلیٰ مواد کاسٹنگ شامل ہے لیکن اومیگا قسطوں پر پھر بھی مکانات اور پلاٹ فراہم کر رہا ہے

Omega Residencia Lahore

Builders of Omega Residencia Lahore are very experienced and have plans to deliver in good time, even though the corona factor is prevailing over the economy but Sector A possessions have been delivered. 

اومیگا ولاز پرائیویٹ لمیٹڈ اس وقت پنجاب ریجن میں 2 پراجیکٹس پیش کر رہا ہے جن میں اومیگا ریزیڈنشیا لاہور اور اومیگا ریزیڈنشیا فیصل آباد ہیں اور گھر بھی اس بلڈر کی طرف سے پیش کیے گئے ہیں۔ اگر ہم صرف گھر کی بات کریں تو اس پروجیکٹ کی لاگت PKR 200 ملین میگا ہومز پروجیکٹ ہے۔ اومیگا ریزیڈنشیا لاہور اومیگا ولاز کا پہلا پروجیکٹ ہے جو کم ماہانہ پریمیم والے گھروں اور پلاٹوں کی وجہ سے سب سے زیادہ مشہور ہے۔

Owner & C.E.O

Ch Muhammad Sarwar is the C.E.O and owner of Omega Residencia Lahore, and for 10 years he is connected in the business of the real estate. In 2015 Best Achievement award was presented to Omega  Villas by the hand of President Pakistan Mamnun Hussain. 

Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar as owner of Omega Residencia Lahore is a virtuous and monotheistic man. He is very popular in the real estate sector because of his honesty. Sarwar sb is the owner and the chief executive of  Omega Builders and Developers also acting as  General Secretary of Punjab Developers Association. He made a name for himself in the field by successfully launching Omega Homes, Omega Residencia, and Omega Villas. The reason for their success is their reputation for honesty.

چوہدری محمد سرور اومیگا ریزیڈنشیا لاہور کے مالک ایک نیک اور خوش اخلاق آدمی ہیں۔ وہ اپنی ایمانداری کی وجہ سے رئیل اسٹیٹ کے شعبے میں بہت مقبول ہیں۔ سرور صاحب اومیگا بلڈرز اینڈ ڈویلپرز کے مالک ہیں اور چیف ایگزیکٹو پنجاب ڈیولپرز ایسوسی ایشن کے جنرل سیکرٹری کے طور پر بھی کام کر رہے ہیں۔ اس نے اومیگا ہومز، اومیگا ریزیڈینشیا، اور اومیگا ولاز کو کامیابی کے ساتھ شروع کرکے میدان میں اپنا نام بنایا۔ ان کی کامیابی کی وجہ ان کی ایمانداری کی شہرت ہے۔

Land Area Of Omega Residencia Lahore

200 Acre land is estimated on which this society is going to build a new city in Lahore. It is an amazing and best place for people who are status-conscious and want a better environment with comfortable prices.  In Sector A there is a pair of two blocks named Izmir and Venus, and the total area of A sector is 250 Kanals. Plots sizes in A Sectors is marla was offered firstly and now possession is almost has been delivered. The sizes of the plots are ideal and have a good front and length that is ideal for the best structure of the house. Venus and Azmir block includes sector A is situated just near the gate of the entrance and has wide roads and beautiful streets.

When Omega Residencia Lahore Launched?

Omega Villas launched its first project in the name of Omega Residencia Lahore in 2018 at the location of Faizpur interchange Lahore. It was the first project of Omega Villas on Sharaqpur Road that has just an installment of Rs 6500 with 4 years installment plan. The first sector was launched under the name Sector A and B . on its launch 3 .4.5.10 marla plot cutting was made that was perfect for all range of customers and also a minimum rate was offered at the start of a project was PKR 275000 per marla.

اومیگا ولاز نے 2018 میں فیض پور انٹر چینج لاہور کے مقام پر اومیگا ریزیڈنشیا لاہور کے نام سے اپنا پہلا پروجیکٹ شروع کیا۔ یہ شرقپور روڈ پر اومیگا ولاز کا پہلا منصوبہ تھا جس کی 4 سالہ قسط کے منصوبے کے ساتھ صرف 6500 روپے کی قسط ہے۔ پہلا سیکٹر سیکٹر اے اور بی کے نام سے شروع کیا گیا۔ اس کے آغاز کے موقع پر مرلہ پلاٹ کی کٹنگ کی گئی جو کہ تمام رینج کے صارفین کے لیے بہترین تھی اور پروجیکٹ کے آغاز پر ایک کم از کم ریٹ بھی پیش کیا گیا تھا

Omega Residencia Lahore

Vision Statement of Omega Lahore

The main theme of the vision is to build housing societies with modern and latest amenities and to make construction level at the state of the art. town planning stages on high standards. Omega Residencia is more than innovative and excellence, it is all about quality that matters.

Mission Statement of Omega Lahore

ہمارا مقصد ہمیشہ رہائشی پروجیکٹس بنانا رہا ہے جو رہائشیوں کو منفرد اور دلچسپ طرز زندگی کے مواقع فراہم کرتے ہیں۔ یہی وجہ ہے کہ ہمارے پورٹ فولیو میں کچھ انتہائی مشہور پروجیکٹس شامل ہیں، جو رہائشیوں کے طرز زندگی کو بہتر بنانے کے لیے بنائے گئے ہیں۔ Omega Residencia کی مسلسل کامیابی سرمایہ کاروں، کاروباروں، رہائشیوں اور ڈیلرز کی ضروریات کو پورا کرنے والے جامع رئیل اسٹیٹ سلوشنز کی فراہمی میں ہے۔

Record Sale on Launch

In Sector A at the launch of Omega Residencia Lahore, people showed their interest and a record sale was recorded, showing how reliable it is to invest and buy plots. The hottest block ever was Block Izmir and Venus at the start of Omega Lahore. There is a definite list of societies on Sharaqpur road but at launch not only sales were high but also the reliability of people was based on the credibility of the Owner of this society.

ا ومیگا لاہور کے آغاز کے موقع پر سیکٹر A میں لوگوں نے اپنی دلچسپی ظاہر کی اور ایک ریکارڈ سیل ریکارڈ کی گئی، جس سے ظاہر ہوتا ہے کہ سرمایہ کاری کرنا اور پلاٹ خریدنا کتنا قابل اعتماد ہے۔ اومیگا لاہور کے آغاز میں بلاک ازمیر اور وینس بلاک ہی تھا۔ شرقپور روڈ پر سوسائٹیز کی ایک یقینی لمبی فہرست ہے لیکن لانچ کے وقت نہ صرف سیلز زیادہ تھی بلکہ اس سوسائٹی کے مالک کی کریڈیبلٹی پر لوگوں کا اعتبار بھی تھا۔

Sector C Omega Residecnia

2018-2019, Omega Residenia offered its prime C block Lahore. its price was PKR 177000 and consisted of  4 years installment plan. sector c the price has been divided into two blocks, first is Cost of Land and second is Development charges.

The first 4 years, customers have to pay the cost of land then next time development charges are also provided. Plot sizes on the c block of omega Lahore are 3 to 10 marla and 1 Kanal with a balloting system. No confirmed plot was offered in the block, all was based on a balloting system with installment Rs 6500 the same.

Omega Residencia Lahore

Location of Omega Lahore

Omega Residencia Lahore is located at Faizpur interchange on Sharaqpur Road near Motorway M2. its location is 15 KM from Lahore secretariat from Thokar it is the drive of 20 Minutes and from Airport is just near 30 minutes drive from society. Its location is ideal by all means of transportation within Lahore or outside Lahore, you have free movement 24 hours without hassle. Location is 100 -150 Feet wide with modern gate design, that is the first society on Sharaqpur road that is adjacent to motorway interchange. That means to use the motorway Lahore is easy and no longer tired line cars ahead to use this motorway.

Location is definitely the core element of a society and it can never be compromised in any case. That is why Omega has set an entrance on the main road that is fully carpeted at the entrance and inside the society too.

Omega Residencia Lahore


A journey started from 2018 to 2022, now Omega Lahore is feeling proud in delivering happiness to thousands of customers. In these 4 years, society has offered many blocks and different opportunities for house and Plato seekers to get their home, and in this moving journey, omega is still giving the best opportunities. Omega Offers 4 sectors sector A  sector B, sector c and Sector C and D.

٢٠١٨ سے ٢٠٢٢ تک جو ایک سفر شروع ہوا، اب اومیگا لاہور ہزاروں صارفین کو خوشیاں پہنچانے میں فخر محسوس کر رہا ہے۔ ان 4 سالوں میں، سوسائٹی نے گھر اور پلاٹوں کے متلاشیوں کو اپنا گھر حاصل کرنے کے لیے مختلف بلاکس میں آسان اقساط پر مواقع فراہم کیے ہیں، اور اس چلتے ہوے سفر میں، اومیگا اب بھی بہترین مواقع فراہم کر رہا ہے۔ اومیگا سیکٹر ا ے سیکٹر بی ، سیکٹرسی اور سیکٹر ڈی کے بعد استنبول بلاک میں پلاٹ پیش کرتا ہے۔

Possession Given Before 2 years

When the plot is on installment then possession is a core thing to consider, that’s why omega is ready to give possession to old customers who have already purchased plots in omega residencia Lahore in the following blocks. For further information contact to main offices.

  • Sector A
  • Izmir Block
  • Venus bloc

Ready to Deliver 

The development process of omega Lahore is moving at a stable pace and along with possession of another block, omega is also near to accomplishing the following block possession.

  • Sector B
  • Baghdad Block
  • Undias Block
  • Valencia Block
  • Omega Villas

Vaha İstanbul 

Omega in 2022 launched a new block in Lahore with the name of Vaha Istanbul. And it contains commercial and residential plots on easy installment. This block has 3 marla and 5 marla plots with a payment plan of 5 years but in commercial size is 2 marla only that is on  4years time and will start from 2022 till the time completion as per plan.

Confirm Plot in Vaha Istanbul

New booking 2022 that is Vaha Istanbul is an excellent offer because it is based on a confirmed plot strategy. It means you can buy a plot on a confirmed location with no need for balloting, which is value-added in the omega residencia block list.

Omega Residencia Lahore

Facilities of Omega Residencia Lahore

Amenities and facilities can be divided into two categories.

  1. Infrastructural facilities
  2. Residential – Social  Amenities

Infrastructural facilities  include 

  • Boundary Wall
  • Gated Community
  • Underground electricity 
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • 24 house security 
  • Water supply 
  • Standby Generator
  • Fire Emergency handling system

Residential – Social  Amenities

  • Hospital
  • Family parks
  • Grand Jamia Mosque 
  • Gym – Sports Complex
  • Commercial Market 
  • School
  • Monument
  • Omega Zoo
Omega Residencia Lahore

NTN Registered in FBR

Omega villas Pvt ltd is the main parent group behind the Omega Residencia Lahore and it is also registered under FBR, which means omega Lahore never compromises its legality and approvals from government departments. All tax details and FBR registration details can be obtained from the main office. Online NTB. Registered in FBR

The registration number  is 4287695 – in 2018

Contribution in Corona Relief 

Corona is not a hidden matter from 2019 till 2022, omega residencia Lahore provides donations in corona funds for the value of 2500 000 just for the welfare of people. And definitely, Omega villas take more care of their own customers.

اومیگاریذڈینشیاءکےبانی وچیئرمین چوھدری محمدسرورصاحب کی گورنرہاؤس میں پرائم منسٹر پاکستان عمران خان کےساتھ ملاقات۔جس میں چیئرمین اومیگاریذڈینشیاءچوھدری محمدسرورصاحب نےپرائم منسٹرپاکستان کی کرونا کے خلاف جنگ میں شانہ بشانہ شامل ہوکر25لاکھ روپے کرونا فنڈمیں جمع کرواۓجس پرپرائم منسٹرپاکستان عمران خان نےچیئرمین اومیگاریذڈینشیاءچوھدری محمدسرورصاحب کی کاوشوں کوسراہااورشکریہ ادا کیا۔

Development charges of Omega Residencia Lahore

Yes, Omega residencia Lahore has development charges on every plot on installment that is PKR 100000 per marla to PKR 300000 per marla development charges, that is payable after completion of land or cost of the plot. There are two methods to pay these charges as 

  1. Pay on Cash 
  2. Pay on installment 

When you buy a plot on the backside of the booking form you can see the value of your allotted plots charges of development. it can be paid on installment on the same duration of the current you are paying monthly installment. In A block it is around PKR 200000 development charges.

جی بلکل ، اومیگا ریذیڈنشیا لاہور میں ہر پلاٹ پر ڈیولپمنٹ چارجزہوتے ہیں جو کہ ایک لاکھ فی مرلہ تا ٣ لاکھ فی مرلہ ڈویلپمنٹ چارجز ہو سکتے ہیں، جو کہ زمین یا پلاٹ کی قیمت مکمل ہونے کے بعد قابل ادائیگی ہیں۔ ہر بلوک میں چارجز کی رقم علیحدہ سے ہے –

Deposit installment online

For the client’s convenience, Omega Lahore also signed a contract with UBL bank to install an installment Collection in the year November 2018, not only with UBL also with Bank Albaraka, Punjab bank BOP, and accounts also can be get from the Main office of society for online installment. 

Omega Residencia Lahore Timeline 2018 till 2022

In 2018 omega started its initiative to build homes and society so it offered A block, B Block then later in 2019 omega Lahorefor launched C and D Blok along with possession work of A Block. These first 2 years were really impressive to work hard working to deliver a project in time.

Then in 2021 omega put a huge step ahead and launched sector D with a confirmed number plot that was s second diamond stone for plot seekers. But omega Lahore keeps the installment just Rs 6500 all the time. Even the cost has increased of land or material but omega did all the time best with limited and short installment.

Now in 2022 omega offered Vaha Istanbul block with the same minimum price but pay in 5 years installment plan and plot sizes 3 and 5 marlas. In the new booking of omega, residencia Lahore commercial plots are also being offered on 4 years installment plan.

3d Virtual View of Omega

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Omega Residencia Lahore
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Omega Residencia Lahore is a project of Omega Villas Pvt Ltd. that start functioning in 2017 in the field of construction and building. It has started work based on professional experience in house building and as a mega contractor. Omega Villas been offered constructed and furnished and unfurnished houses on essay installment and cash even though high material casting are involved but Omega is providing houses and plots on installment.
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