Al Noor Orchard is happy to introduce the brand new release of Marina Sports City in Al Noor Orchard West Lahore. Above all, By imparting world-magnificence capabilities in mind but Al Noor Orchard is certainly a trendsetter for Real property improvement in Pakistan. Sports City may be the Home of the world-famed PSL cricket league franchise LAHORE QALANDARS.

You may have a hectic and racy way of life in a metropolis so with little time to socialize, however, we’re all social beings hardwired in a manner that we cannot stay in isolation. Community attractiveness and network sharing are critical components of our existence and Marina Sports City is an ideal location for living and investment. It is being advanced in recent times is a gated society of lovely location with shared services.

⦁ یہ لاہور ویسٹ میں ایک بین الاقوامی معیار کا منصوبہ ہے۔
⦁ انتہائی بھروسہ مند ڈویلپرز (الجلیل ڈویلپرز) کے ذریعہ تیار کردہ
⦁ تازہ ترین سہولیات بین الاقوامی خواب دیکھنے والا طرز زندگی
⦁ 5 سال کے آسان پیمنٹ پلان کی بکنگ %10 سے شروع ہوتی ہے
⦁ ایک بار پھر النور آرچرڈ مرینا اسپورٹس سٹی لاہور میں سستی قیمتوں کی پیشکش
⦁ سرمایہ کاروں کے لیے سرمایہ کاری پر بہترین منافع
⦁ کم بجٹ والے سرمایہ کاروں کے لیے بہترین موقع
⦁ کم بجٹ والے لوگوں کے لیے اچھا موقع

Marina Sports City Lahore

Marina Sports City is a master project and hub of games lovers which includes a Cricket Stadium, Football Stadium, Golf Course, Tennis Court. A residential project Marina Sports City opens its doorways to a higher social. The high-satisfactory of lifestyles inner a gated housing complicated encourage an experience of bonding amongst neighbors and enable forging new ties.

marina sport city lahore

The new domestic of Lahore Qalandars

Lahore Qalandar is many of the maxima appreciated Pakistan Super League Cricket Franchise. And now they’re on the brink of marking their ft in & have already turned out to be the Part of Al Noor Orchard’s thriving network. Al Noor Orchard initiative to offer a world-magnificence network for its destiny residents. It isn’t always simply any other Real Estate Development in Lahore But a network that provides cost to the lives of residents. By dwelling in Pakistan’s first purpose-constructed wearing centers like cricket stadium. Hockey, Squash & tennis academies subsequent door.

Marina Sports City address – Location

Address: Marina Sports City Alnoor Orchard Sharaqpur, Road, Lahore, 56000 is the accurate location of Sports City Lahore. It has located on Main Sharaqpur Road Lahore near Faizpur Interchange of M2.  Modern-day Marina Sports City location has a gated set-up comprising green protection structures just like the CCTV surveillance system, intercom facility, and growth barriers, amongst different things.

Even location is highly ideal And Marina Sports City is a pocket-friendly society on the Sharaqpur Road Lahore. Community-dwelling is straightforward Because on the pocket while in comparison with dwelling in an unbiased house. As the various assets are shared, they’re controlled extra efficiently. Most cutting-edge housing tasks permit short get entry to world-magnificence centers at a fragment of the cost. 

آزادی چوک براستہ لاہور جڑانوالہ روڈ فاصلہ 19.5 کلومیٹر ہے۔
کلمہ چوک سے فاصلہ 34 کلومیٹر ہے۔
کوٹ عبدالمالک سے فاصلہ 16.3 کلومیٹر ہے۔
فیض پور انٹر چینج سے فاصلہ 6.7 کلومیٹر ہے۔

Marina Sports City payment Plan 

The payment plan of Marina Sports City contains a 5-year plan with 60 installments and a booking of PKR 150,000, after 6 months confirmation is PKR 150,000 after 18 months balloting amount is PKR 300,000 for 3 marla plots. The monthly installment is PKR 9500 along with a six-month payment for 3 Marla is PKR 95000.

  • 3  Marla Plots Price: PKR 1450,000/-
  • 5  Marla Plots Price: PKR 2100,000/-
  • 10 Marla Plots Price:PKR 3800,000/-
  • 1 Kanal Plots Price:  PKR 6500,000/-

The availability of guide protection via way of means of guards stationed on investment gives more desirable safety in this payment plan. Making an investment And purchasing in terrific Marina Sports City Lahore payment plan is continuously a good commercial enterprise idea. It usually ensures top returns. Apart from the homestead it offers, network dwelling is loaded with umpteen benefits that justify its price.

marina sport city payment plan

Marina Sports City Lahore Directions 

There are 4 directions that lead to Marina Sports City Lahore if you calculate the directions from mid-city of lahore it is 20 KM  to marina sport city others  direction are Given followings.,

  • Azadi Chowk via Lahore-Jaranwala Rd direction  is 19.5 KM
  • Kalma Chowk Direction is 34 KM
  • Kot Abdul Malik Direction is 16.3 KM
  • Faizpur Interchange Directions is 6.7 KM.

Direction means the distance of Marina city from different points of the Lahore city, definite Lahore city is the main focus of the customer to live in. If you use google maps for accurate direction, the result will show t all directions of this society is good and easy to approach. if you have to go anywhere from the sports city, its direction is easy and comfortable.

Get Rid of Narrow Streetsǥ

Most folks might have grown up So nonetheless might also additionally stay in small regions with compact and grimy streets. All that polluted surroundings with little to no flowers and greater trash surrounding our homes gave us an unhealthy environment.

You might also additionally have by no means found out this earlier than, however, try and look at and experience this now. When you’re for your manner lower back domestic all worn-out and exhausted there may be all this poor strength which you’ve been accepting from the trash surrounding your house, sewerage water at the road, and the unsightly heady fragrance of waste material. All of this poor strength outcome in tiredness and a horrific temper.

تنگ گلیوں سے چھٹکارا حاصل کریں، اور مکمل کارپٹ والی سبز سڑکوں والے ٹاؤن میں اپنا پلاٹ لیں ۔ اب وقت آگیا ہے کہ آپ اپنے معیار زندگی کو ایک درجہ مزید اوپر کریں۔ اگر آپ بہتر طرز زندگی دیکھ رہے ہیں تو یہ سوسائٹی آپ کیلئے بہتر آپشن ہو سکتی ہے

Marina Sports City Map

Map of Marina Sport contains sectors with wide roads and an updated streets lights system.

Whereas, someone dwelling in a housing society while receiving lower back domestic from paintings accepts all of the wonderful vibes and strength from smooth roads, greenery throughout streets and parks, sparkling air, and fine smell.

People commenced stepping into personal housing societies like Marina Sports City Because of the fact that it changed a long way from paintings or the city. All this for the sake of more healthy surroundings this is smooth, lovely, and complete with wonderful vibes.

marina sport city

Amenities of Marina Sports City 


Marina Sports City Lahore has its very own personal protection police patrolling 24/7 to preserve the location secure.

Healthy Environment:

Sports city are constructed surrounding greenery for a more healthy atmosphere. It consists of parks in every sector, inexperienced belts alongside the road, and gardens inner of the homes.

Regular renovation: 

Society is maintained to preserve smooth, parks are with lovely tree cuttings, there. Here the proprietor holds obligation for the whole thing and all of the lawsuits are recounted as quickly as possible.

Better life-style:

you are dwelling in a gated Marina Sports City and, you’ll don’t have any want to depart society until you’re going to your friend’s location. Most of them all, housing societies have their very own gym, network center, restaurants, parks, swimming pool, indoor and outside video games surroundings and etc.

Social life:

Societies provide a higher social and modern lifestyle than other locations that is People accumulate round in Parks, pop out to walk, and engage with their neighbors. It creates family-like values with human beings dwelling near your house.

  • Tennis Court

A unique feature

  •  Squash Court

For standard  Games likers

  •  Hockey Stadium

For family and individual playground

  •  A Cricket Stadium

Local and national level stadium

  •  Football Stadium

Goud for Ball lovers

  •  Golf Course

Best place to lease stress in way of game

  • Sports Academy And Learning Centers

 Sports Trainee Centers

Marina Sports City Cricket Stadium

Marina Sports City is going to launch a cricket stadium., its size should be a diameter between 137M to 150M a standard size. If we are saying that cricket is the king of games it is a well-accepted reality. Marina City is going to build a cricket stadium  If an overseas group visits Pakistan, lots of spectators visit to see the take a look at matches.

Cricket takes a look at fit is performed for 5 days in innings. It generates quite a few hobbies for most cricket fans. Those who’re not able to visit or never visited will be able to enjoy the match in the marina sports city stadium. The expected size of the stadium is medium level to entertain the local and national level teams in cricket. All Residents of Marina Sports City will also be able to get in and to a pass and play cricket inside But perhaps membership can be applied.

Marina Sports City Stadium is an unique features that has been introduced first time. it is amazing and costly features that Marina City have inside the heart of Town.
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