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Lalamusa is a city located in the Gujrat District of the Punjab Province in Pakistan. It is a historic city known for its scenic beauty and cultural significance.

Although Lalamusa is a small city located in the Gujrat District of the Punjab Province in Pakistan but the city is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty.

The city has a rich history, dating back to the Mughal Empire.During this time, the city was a hub of trade and commerce and was known for its silk production. In the British colonial period, the city continued to grow and develop, attracting many immigrants from neighboring areas.

لالہ موسیٰ پاکستان کے صوبہ پنجاب کے ضلع گجرات میں واقع ایک شہر ہے۔ یہ ایک تاریخی شہر ہے اور اپنی قدرتی خوبصورتی اور ثقافتی اہمیت کے لیے جانا جاتا ہے ۔ اس کے چھوٹے سائز کے باوجود، شہر تاریخ، ثقافت، اور قدرتی خوبصورتی میں نمایاں ہے۔

لالہ موسیٰ کی ایک قدیم تاریخ ہے، جو مغل سلطنت سے جا ملتی ہے۔ اس وقت کے دوران، شہر تجارت کیلئے جانے والوں کے لئیے صرف راستے میں آنے والا ویران مرکز تھا . برطانوی نوآبادیاتی دور میں، ترقی جاری رہی ، اور اس نے پڑوسی علاقوں سے بہت سے تارکین وطن کو راغب کیا۔

Lalamusa is also known for its scenic beauty thats why the city is surrounded by lush green fields and forests that makes it a popular destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The nearby rivers and lakes provide opportunities for fishing, boating, and other water-based activities.

In conclusion, Lalamusa is a small city with a rich history, beautiful scenery, and vibrant culture. It is a unique and charming destination, offering something for everyone, from history buffs to nature lovers.


Lalamusa Latitude:32.703726
Lalamusa Longitude:73.958517
Latitude DMS:73°57’30.66″E
Elevation253.62 Meters (832.1 Feet)

Lalamusa History


Lala The name Musa is a combination of two nouns that mean “Brother Musa,” with Lala (from a number of languages, including Pashto, Punjabi, Urdu, etc.) denoting a “Elder Brother” and Musa denoting the name of a person. This essentially means that the city is named after a person by the same name.

نام ، لالہ موسیٰ : دو اسموں کا مجموعہ ہے جس کا مطلب ہے “بھائی موسیٰ،” لالہ مطلب (متعدد زبانوں میں ، بشمول پشتو، پنجابی، اردو وغیرہ) ایک “بڑا بھائی” کو کہتے ہیں اور موسیٰ کسی شخص کے نام کو ظاہر کرتا ہے۔ . اس کا بنیادی مطلب یہ ہے کہ شہر کا نام اسی نام سے کسی شخص کے نام پر رکھا گیا ہے۔ تاریخ اس بارے خاموش ہے کے موسیٰ کون تھا جس کی وجہ سے یہ نام رکھا گیا .

Initial Settlement

Following the division of India, a small number of Hindus and Sikhs moved to Lalamusa, and other tiny villages joined with it to give it the status of a city. British builders built a railway junction in 1880, which was crucial for the development of the city (at that time a small village). Before the construction of the railway junction, Lalamusa was nearly a deserted place but after the construction, numerous English households settled there.

ہندوستان کی تقسیم کے بعد، ہندوؤں اور سکھوں کی ایک چھوٹی سی تعداد لالہ موسیٰ منتقل ہوگئی، اور دوسرے چھوٹے چھوٹے گاؤں اس کے ساتھ شامل ہو کر اسے شہر کا درجہ دینے لگے۔

 برطانوی معماروں نے 1880 میں ایک ریلوے جنکشن بنایا، جو شہر کی ترقی کے لیے بہت اہم تھا (اس وقت یہ ایک چھوٹا سا گاؤں تھا )۔ ریلوے جنکشن کی تعمیر سے پہلے، لالہ موسیٰ تقریباً ایک ویران جگہ تھی لیکن تعمیر کے بعد، بے شمار انگریز گھرانے وہاں آباد ہو گئے۔


The population of Lalamusa, a city in the Gujrat District of the Punjab province of Pakistan, was estimated to be around 78193 people. Its people are almost the same as Mailsi District Vehari.


plays an important role in the city, with many traditional festivals and events being celebrated throughout the year. The city is known for its traditional food, which is a blend of Punjabi and Mughlai cuisine.

In recent years, the city has seen significant growth and development, with new roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects being completed. Despite this growth, the city has managed to retain its traditional charm and character.

یہ شہر اپنے روایتی کھانوں کے لیے جانا جاتا ہے، جو پنجابی اور مغلائی کھانوں کا امتزاج ہے۔ حالیہ برسوں میں، نئی سڑکوں، پلوں، اور بنیادی ڈھانچے کے دیگر منصوبوں کے مکمل ہونے کے ساتھ، شہر نے نمایاں ترقی اور ترقی دیکھی ہے۔

Lalamusa is known for :

Cultural heritage: Lalamusa has a rich cultural heritage, with many historic buildings, temples, and other cultural landmarks.

Agricultural center: Historically, Lalamusa was a center for agriculture and trade, with fertile land and a good location making it a hub for commerce.

Railway junction: During the British Raj, Lalamusa was a railway junction connecting major cities in the region, contributing to its economic growth.

List of schools in Lalamusa:

  1. Government High School Lalamusa
  2. Lahore Public School Lalamusa
  3. Divine Light Academy Lalamusa
  4. Al-Madina Public School Lalamusa
  5. Jinnah Public School Lalamusa
  6. City School Lalamusa
  7. The Smart School Lalamusa
  8. Pakistan Public School Lalamusa

List of medical facilities :

  1. Lalamusa District Headquarters Hospital
  2. Hospital & Research Centre Lalamusa
  3. Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Lalamusa
  4. Fatima Memorial Hospital Lalamusa
  5. Sheikh Zayed Hospital Lalamusa
  6. Ali Medical Centre Lalamusa
  7. Ziauddin Hospital Lalamusa

Common facilities in Lalamusa:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Schools
  3. Mosques
  4. Banks
  5. Shopping Centers
  6. Post Office
  7. Restaurants
  8. Petrol Stations
  9. Police Station
  10. Transport Hubs (Bus, Train Stations)

Famous places in Lalamusa 

Lalamusa is a city in the Gujrat district of the Punjab province in Pakistan. Here are some of the famous places in Lalamusa:

  • Qasim Park is a public park located in the city of Lalamusa, in the Gujrat district of the Punjab province in Pakistan. 
  • PWD Park: A public park located in the city, offering green space for residents to relax and enjoy.
  • Baloch Park: A recreational park in the city, popular among families and children.
  • Local Bazaars: Lalamus has vibrant bazaars, where visitors can find a variety of goods and street food.
  • Jama Masjid Lalamusa: One of the largest mosques in the city, serving as a place of worship for the local Muslim community.

Famous Personalities of Lalamusa:

These are some of the famous places in Lalamusa that attract both residents and visitors.

Lalamusa is a city in the Gujrat district of the Punjab province in Pakistan, and it has produced several notable individuals who have made significant contributions to various fields. Here are some of the famous people from Lalamusa:

  • Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor: A former Pakistani politician and member of the National Assembly.
  • Chaudhry Asghar Ali: A former Pakistani politician and member of the National Assembly.
  • Chaudhry Amir Hussain: A former Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan.
  • Haji Fazal Elahi Chaudhry: A former President of Pakistan and a seasoned politician.
  • Nasir Mehmood Chaudhry: A former Pakistani politician and member of the National Assembly.

جاوید چوہدری
لالہ موسیٰ، پاکستان سے ایک معروف صحافی اور تبصرہ نگار ہیں۔ وہ ایک ممتاز کالم نگار اور ایک مشہور ٹاک شو “کل تک” کے میزبان ہیں جہاں وہ موجودہ واقعات اور سیاسی مسائل پر گفتگو کرتے ہیں۔ جاوید چوہدری اپنی بے باک تبصروں اور جرات مندانہ رائے کے لیے جانے جاتے ہیں اور پاکستان کے بااثر صحافیوں میں سے ایک بن چکے ہیں۔

These are some of the notable individuals from Lalamusa who have made significant contributions to the political and social development of Pakistan. However, this list is not exhaustive and there may be other famous people from Lalamusa who have not been mentioned here.

Ch Glulam Ahmad (late) 

of Kaira was a well-known figure in his era. He served as the president of the Pakistan Muslim League in Lalamsa both before and after the creation of Pakistan and was also the town’s mayor. For his role in the country’s independence struggle, the British government imprisoned him. For MC Lalamusa, his son Ch Iftikhar Ahmad was three times elected as a councilor. His younger brother Haji Muhammad Asghar kaira (late) was twice elected as an MNA in 1988 and 1993. He was also Chairman Municipal committee Lalamusa in 1983 and was elected MPA in 1985. His son Ch Nadeem Asghar kaira is Tehsil Nazim Kharian. Ch Muhammad Zaman of Kaira, the father of Ch Qamar Zaman kaira, was elected MPA in 1977 and was also Vice Chairman MC Lalamusa in 1964.

Javed Chaudhry

 is a well-known journalist and commentator from Lalamusa, Pakistan. He is a prominent column writer and the host of a popular talk show, “Kal Tak,” where he discusses current events and political issues. Javed Chaudhry is known for his incisive commentary and bold opinions and has become one of the most influential journalists in Pakistan.

Qamar Zaman Kaira

 is a senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), a major political party in Pakistan. He has been a prominent figure in Pakistani politics for many years and has held various positions within the PPP, including serving as the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting. Qamar Zaman Kaira is known for his strong advocacy for democratic values and human rights, and is widely respected for his political acumen and leadership skills.

qamar zaman qaira lalamusa

قمر زمان کائرہ
پاکستان کی ایک بڑی سیاسی جماعت پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی (پی پی پی) کے سینئر رہنما ہیں۔ وہ کئی سالوں سے پاکستانی سیاست میں ایک نمایاں شخصیت رہے ہیں اور پی پی پی کے اندر مختلف عہدوں پر فائز رہے ہیں، جن میں وفاقی وزیر اطلاعات و نشریات کے طور پر خدمات انجام دینا بھی شامل ہے۔ قمر زمان کائرہ کا تعلق بھی لالہ موسیٰ ہے –

Alam Lohar 

was a well-known Punjabi folk singer from Lalamusa, Pakistan. He was born in 1926 and was among one of the greatest folk singers in Punjabi history. Alam Lohar had a powerful voice and ability to bring traditional Punjabi folk songs to life He performed extensively throughout Pakistan and India.

alam lohar lalamusa

عالم لوہار

لالہ موسیٰ ، پاکستان سے تعلق رکھنے والے ایک مشہور پنجابی لوک گلوکار تھے۔ وہ 1926 میں پیدا ہوئے تھے اور انہیں پنجابی تاریخ کے عظیم ترین لوک گلوکاروں میں شمار کیا جاتا تھا۔ عالم لوہار اپنی طاقتور آواز اور روایتی پنجابی لوک گانوں کو زندہ کرنے کی صلاحیت کے لیے جانا جاتا تھا۔ انہوں نے پورے پاکستان اور ہندوستان میں بڑے پیمانے پر پرفارم کیا، اور پنجابی موسیقی میں ان کی شراکت کے لیے بڑے پیمانے پر منایا گیا۔ عالم لوہار کا 1979 میں انتقال ہو گیا، لیکن ان کی میراث ان کے موسیٰ کے ذریعے جاری ہے۔

Arif Lohar 

is a famous Punjabi folk singer and musician from Pakistan. He is the son of the late Alam Lohar and has inherited his father’s musical talent. Arif Lohar is famous as one of the best folk singers of his generation. He has released numerous albums and performed at numerous concerts and festivals throughout Pakistan and internationally. He has a powerful voice and the ability to bring traditional Punjabi folk songs to life. Arif Lohar continues to be a popular and influential figure in the world of Punjabi folk music.

arif lohar lalamusa

عارف لوہار

پاکستان کے ایک مشہور پنجابی لوک گلوکار اور موسیقار ہیں۔ انکا تعلق بھی لالہ موسیٰ سے ہے . وہ عالم لوہار مرحوم کے بیٹے ہیں، اور انہیں اپنے والد سے موسیقی کی صلاحیت اور پنجابی لوک موسیقی کا شوق وراثت میں ملا ہے۔ عارف لوہار کو وسیع پیمانے پر اپنی نسل کے بہترین لوک گلوکاروں میں شمار کیا جاتا ہے اور انہوں نے متعدد البمز ریلیز کیے ہیں

Nawazish Ali Sheikh 

Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Lalamusa, Irfan Ahmed Safi, and Mirza Muhamamd Amjad (Qasba) are other well-known Lalamusa personalities. Dr. Syed Ihsan Ullah Shah is another well-known Lalamusa personality ۔ He is also a member of the central executive committee of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan.

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