Khayaban E Muridke is going to be a best project of married k because of its planning and management team. Development work and construction has been started with for 6 months ago and know its almost at completion.

Here we are going to discuss all detail that is important to discuss and figure out the reality of that is exactly located at main Road. Khayaban E Muridke has location on Sheikhupura GT Road with attractive entrance and huge gate.

Society is an initial and first innovative project that has been launched on Sheikhupura GT Road Muridke with mutton infrastructure and architecture design. If you have a look on the location of Khayaban E Muridke you will find that it is top off among the other societies located in muridke.

If you are looking the all details regarding Khayaban E Muridke then you are at the right place and we are here going to tell you all the pros and cons benefits.



Khayaban E Muridke

everyone know the prices of land has increased and gone out of reach a common man but in such an stable environment Khayaban E Muridke is an heaven for a common man. Because the prices are very low and affordable for every salary person is a common earner definitely you can say that it is and bless for house looking and plot looking persons.

Khayaban E Muridke has 4 blocks with white carpeted Road street lights and hearts that is gives the best greenish view and theme to heart. If you want to access Khayaban E Muridke you have to move 1.5 kilometer towards Sheikhupura GT Road.

Monthly installment of Khayaban Muridke b is as low as you can afford even it can be customized as per your easement and can be extended is reduced as per your demand. Basically it is offering three types of payments that is a multi options payment plan having category of different Plots sizes.

Khayaban E Muridke Sheikhupura GT Road

The entrance of Khayaban E Muridke is located on Sheikhupura GT Road that is just near to Narowal Chowk of Muridke. Its main entrance of 80 ft wide with fully carpeted roads and decorative attractive street lights dad gives a heart clam peaceful and theme to every visitor. The muridke Chowk  is just 1.5 kilometer near to Khayaban E Muridke and surrounded by completely commercial hub without any hurdle you can access through a white well carpeted GT Road.

Khayaban E Muridke Payment plan

Khayaban E Muridke Sheikhupura GT Road has many modern facilities just near of itself just like a military ground modern schools railway station and many more. if you have a wish to play you can access the ground and if you want to study you can go the college and university just surrounded by and near to Khayaban E Muridke .

Installment Plan

Khayaban E Muridke has 5 years payment plan with installment of PKR 70000 per month along with advance PKR 210000. You can customize the installment plan p as per your need because it has different option available in its payment plan.

Khayaban E Muridke installment plan offering 3 years , 4 years and 5 years installment plan with same plot categories 3 to 10 Marla. Payment plan is completely depends on you but the minimum amount required for booking is PKR 204000.


·         3 Marla Installment Plan.

Installment plan of Khayaban E Muridke for 3 Marla is booking PKR 210000, confirmation after 3 month PKR 105000 along with monthly installment PKR 7000. It also has installment after 6 month PKR 38500.



·         5 Marla Plan

5 Marla installment plan started with booking PKR 350000 and confirmation after 3 month PKR 175000 installment PKR 12000 and definitely we have 6 month a big installment amount PKR 62500.

·         7 Marla installment Plan

In Khayaban E Muridke installment plan of 7 Marla is, booking PKR 476000, confirmation after 3 month is PKR 238000 having installment PKR 15000 along with installment of big car loan after 6 month PKR 91,600.

Khayaban Muridke Payment Plan

It is offering payment plan of 5 years having three different mode of payment. You have option to pay in 3 years or 4 years and also can avail offer for five years plan. Khayaban E Muridke Payment plan start from booking amount PKR 210,000 for 3 Marla plot. That is an amazing easy installment for every one living in Muridke and surrounding.

Khayaban E Muridke payment plan contains PKR 345000 per Marla price that you have to pay as 3 to 5 years mode of payment. it is lowest rate as compared to other societies situated near to Khayaban E Muridke.

Khayaban E Muridke Payment Plan /Price list is

  • 3 Marla Booking PKR 210,000
  • 5 Marla Booking PKR 350,000
  • 7 Marla Booking PKR 476000
  • 10 Marla Booking PKR 670,000
3 Marla PLOT 
  • Booking = PKR 210,000
  • Confirmation after 2 Months = PKR 105000
  • Installment = PKR 7000
  • After 6 months = PKR 38500
  • Total Price= PKR 10, 50,000
5 Marla PLOT 
  • Booking = PKR 350,000
  • Confirmation after 2 Months = PKR 175,000
  • Installment = PKR 12000
  • After 6 Month = PKR 62500
  • Total Price= PKR 17, 50,000
7 Marla PLOT 
  • Booking = PKR 476,000
  • Confirmation after 2 Months = PKR 238,000
  • Installment = PKR 15000
  • After 6 months = PKR 91600
  • Total Price= PKR 23, 80,000
10 Marla PLOT 
  • Booking = PKR 670,000
  • Confirmation after 2 Months = PKR 335,000
  • Installment = PKR 22000
  • After 6 months = PKR 1,24,500
  • Total Price= PKR 33, 50,000



Khayaban Muridke Location

It is precisely located on 1.5 Sheikhupura GT Road Muridke and has entrance on main GT Road. Khayaban E Muridke is situated in middle of City that is why every facility is easily accessible from the location of the society. Khayaban E Muridke location has ideal approaches from all around the Lahore and Muridke and Gujranwala.

Location of Khayaban E Muridke is easily accessible from Kamoki – Gujranwala GT Road .if you consider on price its price are very low as compared to its prime location just because it is a first modern project within the city of Muridke by Khayaban marketing.

Definitely for every society the entrance and the location is a main feature that is considered to evaluate its worth and status among the others that is the reason Khayaban E Muridke location is ideal because of Sheikhupura GT Road.

Khayaban Muridke Map

The map of Khayaban E Muridke has been launched by society with provisional land that is the marketed along with existing one. That can be seen on map along with colors lines describing each size of plot.

Khayaban E Muridke map is available in PDF form you can get this map just calling us. The map of Khayaban E Muridke shows upper venal sizes of 3 Marla 5 Marla 6 and all other categories offered.

Parks commercial malls educational facility white roads have been shown in Khayaban E Muridke map that is easily understandable. Long with p block map of overseas block will attached.

Khayaban E Muridke


·         Gas

Yes, Sui Gas is available in surrounded of Khayaban E Muridke and very soon piping will be started with in Society.

·         Electricity

Khayaban E Muridke is one step ahead in providing smart electricity system in society with 24 hours supply of electricity.

·         Water Plant

Water is life and we know it that’s why water purification system is available to plant in Khayaban E Muridke with Crystal clear supply.

  • Carpeted Roads

Roads are well carpeted and wide. A complete theme is Greenish in view with beautiful plants. That is the great feature that is available for you.

  • Parks – Play Group

Parks and playgrounds also included and it will give you the best environment to your family.

  • Commercial Hub

In Khayaban E Muridke commercial have has used in society and blood has offered commercial plots.

  • Mosque

Modern design and Central focused mosque is in society having huge capacity for people prayer

Khayaban Muridke Theme

It is difficult to decide which theme should be used for a society in such a case high bandwidth Khayaban E Muridke has decided and mind-blowing approach to give you just fine theme. A that contains greenery plants trees flower and fresh breeze that will enhance your mind and heart and The people living in Khayaban E Muridke.

Many people have visited and already existing everybody like its entrance and surrounding areas because every amount is that a person can think can be avail here.

Flowers and trees of modern design and seeds have been planted in Khayaban E Muridke that will give a mind blowing situation and theme for every inhabitant in the Khayaban E Muridke. So get ready and be hurry to avail best offer in such a fabulous society of Muridke.



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